Nissan Serena Minivan Offers Autonomous Technology

While you won’t find the Nissan Serena minivan rolling around North American streets just yet, it is making remarkable first impressions in Japan. The well-priced minivan comes stocked with more advanced autonomous technologies than many high-end sedans.

Nissan took a risk when by introducing its Level-2 autonomous driving technology in the mass-market minivan as opposed to a high-end INFINITI model. The risk paid off with the Serena’s sales jumping by more than 60 percent between August 2016 and May 2017.

The Nissan Serena boasts technology similar to that found in the Tesla Model S. This autonomous technology controls the vehicle’s steering and speed without the need for driver intervention. Labeled the ProPilot driver-assist system, this technology makes driving an entirely new experience. The X-Trail SUV is currently available with the system as well.

Around 60 percent of drivers who bought the Serena added the ProPilot driver-assist system. 80 percent of those who have ordered the X-Trail did so with the ProPilot driver-assist system.

“The early success of ProPilot has given us a head start,” said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan Executive Vice President. “It’s also a building block for future autonomous drive technologies.”

At Tom Naquin, we are proud to be part of the Nissan family and can’t wait to see the advancements Nissan continues to make.

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