Kid-Friendly Local Attractions near Elkhart

kid-friendly local attractions

Elkhart, Indiana is packed with kid-friendly local attractions where you can take the whole family for a day full of wholesome fun. Whether you’re sampling local businesses or exploring unusual museums, there’s something for everyone.


Studebaker National Museum: If you have a little one that likes automobiles, head on over to Studebaker’s Super Service Center exhibit, which lets kids get hands-on experience working under the hood.


Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum: A variety of unique experiences, such as a Japanese tea room and a pioneer village, await you at this children’s museum in South Bend.


Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center: More than just your average bowling alley, this entertainment center features bumper cars, go-karts, black light mini-golf, and more.


Riverwalk Culture Trail: Head to Downtown Elkhart’s Gateway Mile to experience this self-guided tour that takes you past local parks, historical buildings, and cool restaurants and pubs.


Wellfield Botanic Gardens: You can combine this attraction and the Riverwalk into the same day, considering the gardens are only a few minutes away! Experience beautiful themed gardens and water displays as you walk around.


Elkhart and surrounding areas have plenty more kid-friendly local attractions where that came from, so why not explore your city and look for your own ideas, too? It can be a fun family tradition to experience something new every weekend!

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