Kid-Friendly Local Attractions near Elkhart

Elkhart, Indiana is packed with kid-friendly local attractions where you can take the whole family for a day full of wholesome fun. Whether you’re sampling local businesses or exploring unusual museums, there’s something for everyone.


Studebaker National Museum: If you have a little one that likes automobiles, head on over to Studebaker’s Super Service Center exhibit, which lets kids get hands-on experience working under the hood.


Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum: A variety of unique experiences, such as a Japanese tea room and a pioneer village, await you at this children’s museum in South Bend.


Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center: More than just your average bowling alley, this entertainment center features bumper cars, go-karts, black light mini-golf, and more.


Riverwalk Culture Trail: Head to Downtown Elkhart’s Gateway Mile to experience this self-guided tour that takes you past local parks, historical buildings, and cool restaurants and pubs.


Wellfield Botanic Gardens: You can combine this attraction and the Riverwalk into the same day, considering the gardens are only a few minutes away! Experience beautiful themed gardens and water displays as you walk around.


Elkhart and surrounding areas have plenty more kid-friendly local attractions where that came from, so why not explore your city and look for your own ideas, too? It can be a fun family tradition to experience something new every weekend!

A Guide to Changing Your Own Oil

If you would prefer to change your own oil and leave the more serious vehicle issues to the professionals, we completely understand. Not everyone has the time to make appointments and get out of work to take their vehicle to the dealership. This is why we’ve put together this simple guide for changing your own oil.


What you need:

Oil and a funnel

Oil filter

Some kind of pan or container than can hold the old oil



A wrench set

Safety glasses


Before you can begin draining the old oil out of your car, get under the hood and remove the oil filler cap. This will help the oil drain easier by not creating a vacuum. Now, position the drain pan underneath the oil drain and unscrew the cap, allowing the oil to flow out.


Once the oil has drained properly, you can replace the drain plug to prevent any new oil from spilling out after you’ve filled it. Replace the oil filter first, then use the funnel to pour the necessary amount of oil into the oil filler cap. Then, of course, screw the oil filler cap back on, and you’re good to go.


Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, changing your own oil should take no more 30 minutes, though you should give yourself at least an hour in case of mistakes and needing to double-check your progress to make sure you’re doing it correctly.